Charge your mobile phones in just 20 minutes

Meizu is introducing world’s quickest fast charging solution dubbed Super mCharge at Mobile World Congress 2017. Meizu calls it the third generation fast charging technology developed using high-voltage direct charge method. Super mCharge uses 11V/5A charging to deliver a power output of 55W and can full charge a device in just 20 minutes. Leading smartphone manufacturer Meizu unveiled its latest cutting-edge fast charging solution at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2017 in Hall 7, Stand 7K5….


Identify birds name by a single click

First, Merlin asks you a few simple questions. Then, almost like magic, it reveals the list of birds that best match your description. Pick your bird, then delve into more photos, sounds, and ID tips about your bird! If you have a photo, Merlin can help there as well. Take a photo, or choose one from your photo gallery, and Merlin will offer a list of birds that best match your photo. Merlin is fun…

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Hacking Movies That you must watch

Snowden (2016) The film follows Edward Snowden, an American computer professional who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency to The Guardian in June 2013.  Eagle Eye (2008) In this movie, two people get a call from an unknown number by a woman. They get a task on phone that if they don’t follow the phone call they would die. This movie displays supercomputer hack on all networks and military networks.


24*7 Burning Mug

Have you ever burnt your mouth on that first sip of coffee? Have you ever struggled through that last bit of tepid tea? The Temperfect mug is a magical stainless steel mug that brings the temperature of your coffee or tea to the perfect sipping temperature right away and keeps it there for hours.The mug features an active insulation layer that absorbs the extra heat right away, bringing your drink to the perfect temperature, then…

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App updates in February

WhatsApp launched an encrypted version of Snapchat Stories WhatsApp is launching a new feature that looks very familiar. While you could always post a short status update on the app, you can now post photos and videos in a format that looks quite similar to Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Stories, with one key difference: a WhatsApp status is end-to-end encrypted. The new feature is still in beta in Europe and the Middle East, but will eventually…


Blocked Websites list in India – As per High court of Delhi

India censors and blocks websites through Court orders as per IT Act 2000. Mostly theses bans are instigated under copyright and trademark infringement through film studio scare without proper security measures and lists that they provide without proper research or professional technical services. The current blocks are initiated by ISPs under court order for blocking the illegal sites themselves with warning the site accessed as currently deemed to be illegal. Many of the sites listed…

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What is Packet Crafting? Tools to perform packet crafting

Packet crafting is the process of manually creating or editing the existing data packets on a network to test network devices. Hackers and network admins use this process to test a network, check firewall rules, find entry points and test network device’s behaviors. “packet crafting” and “packet spoofing” are not the same thing. Packet crafting is not a simple task for beginners. It consists of following steps Packet Assembly,Packet Editing,Packet Re/Play,Packet Analysis packETH packETH is  packet…

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Tricks to download YouTube videos

Add SS before youtube This is one of the most popular  method on the internet for downloading youtube videos on PC and mobile. To download videos, just need to add a “ss” before the “youtube” in your URL, turn it into “ssyoutube”. For example, the URL of, now add a “ss”, the URL changed to Then the browser will parse the URL and skip to a window like below: ClipConverter [Web] ClipConverter is…

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AK 57: Ajith Kumar is back in Vivegam with new transformation

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF The much-awaited first look poster of Thala Ajith’s upcoming movie was unveiled along with the title on Thursday by director Siva. The film, which was popularly known as Thala 57, has been titled Vivegam. Ajith Kumar, who was out of action last year, will be next seen in Siruthai Siva’s next popularly known as Thala 57 among fans.Titled Vivegam, the film will see Ajith Kumar as an Interpol officer, who is in…

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Stay Away From Google Tracking

Disable a Lot of Google’s Activity Tracking It’s an open secret that Google probably knows more about you than you. The search giant probes all your online activities by tracking lots of your data. Some people may be comfortable with Google tracking them but a majority of Internet users who use Google’s search/mail/browser/Apps may not be happy with continuous tracking that goes on behind their back. If you are one of such privacy oriented individuals,…