January 2018

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A new bug in mac os

A new vulnerability has been found in macOS version 10.13.2 that enables anyone with access to your Mac to unlock App Store system preferences using any username and password as long as you are logged in as a local admin. This means that if your account is an admin and you leave the machine unattended, anyone with malicious intent can change the App Store settings on the Mac without your knowledge. The bug has been…

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Prisoners made pc from the E-waste in prison

I know it’s hard to imagine your life without the Internet, and the same was the case of two Ohio prisoners who built personal computers from parts from e-waste, hid them in the ceiling, and connected those PCs to the Internet via the prison’s network. The incident occurred in 2015 but has now been made public by the State of Ohio’s Office of the Inspector General, which published a 50-page reportĀ  on Tuesday, following almost…