December 2017

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Bug Bounty Programs list

Reward Programs AT&T – (To submit you need to sign up to the free Developer API program) Avast! – Barracuda – Coinbase – Chromium Project – CrowdShield – Cryptocat – Facebook – Etsy – Gallery – Ghostscript – (Mostly software development, occasional security issues) Google – Hex-Rays – IntegraXor (SCADA) – LaunchKey – Marktplaats – – Meraki…

Around The World

stay alert from wireless Attacks

Three general wireless attacks are to use a fake access point (AP), or use a fake AP with a static extended service set ID (ESSID), or use a fake AP and an “evil twin.” All can be set up and executed instantly. By setting up the fake AP, a hacker can obtain complete control over all TCP/IP connections passing through it. At that point, intercepting network traffic and capturing or changing it becomes useless. With…