Companies that offers highest paying internships

According to the data and reviews submitted on career website Glassdoor, tech companies like Dropbox, Facebook, and Pinterest offer the highest paying internships.

Are you highly qualified and looking for a great tech internship that pays a lot? Well, you’re at the right place. Here, I’m going to tell you about the tech companies that offer highest paying internship programs.

Uber – $6,730/month/month

A former Nest intern says that the company has really smart engineers who are very invested in the mission of the company. However, due to its relationship with Google, there’s a pressure in financial areas.

Microsoft – $7,000/month

Microsoft campus

A former Microsoft intern praises the great location, office, and coworkers of Microsoft. According to the intern, the problems solved were interesting and the final products were purposeful.

LinkedIn – $7,500/month

LinkedIn Hacked

A former intern praises the culture of LinkedIn. The people working there are pleasant and ready to help. LinkedIn also organizes regular hackathons to allow interns to build anything.

Facebook – $8,000/month

A former Facebook software engineering intern says that one gets to work on high impact projects. There’s free culture promoting discussion and the free flow of ideas. Also, one’s work affects the lives of millions of people.

Dropbox – $8,500/month

According to a former Dropbox intern, Dropbox works hard to keep its internship program transparent. The interns get bi-weekly feedback from their mentors, and the expectations from them are clearly communicated.

Pinterest – $8,125/month

A former Pinterest intern says that there’s an opportunity to make an impact even in a short duration internship. Another intern calls it a company with great policies, amazing facilities and snacks, 3 hot meals/ day, and great people.

Nec Labs America – $7,400/month

A former research intern at Nec Labs America says that the work environment is relaxed but very productive. One can easily communicate with others brilliant researchers in collaboration. Another intern says that one even gets a personal office.

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