WhatsApp update brings in Larger Emojis for iOS

Whatsapp has updated its app on iOS to v2.16.7, which has introduced some new features. Now, when users send a single emoji, it will appear much bigger than before. However, more than one emoji is sent, it will still appear the same size. Further, while this feature is not visible on other devices, if an Android user sends an emoji, it too will appear larger on the iOS device.

Another feature added in the update is the ability to select multiple chats and then choose to archive, delete, or mark them as read. Further, iOS users will now be able to zoom when recording videos by sliding their finger up and down. The company also says that chats will open faster with the update.

A few months ago, Facebook-owned Whatsapp added end-to-end encryption to its apps on Android, iOS and Windows. This meant that the messages and calls made using the service could only be accessed by the sender and receiver, and not even WhatsApp employees would be able to read the messages sent using the app. Facebook has also started testing end-to-end encryption on Messenger. Called Secret conversations, the feature also allows the user to control the length of time a message will remain visible within a conversation.

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