New emoji: face palm, shrug and selfie included in Unicode 9.0 candidates

This is how some of the new emoji may appear on your iPhone, once they've been implemented.

This is how some of the new emoji may appear on your iPhone, once they’ve been implemented. 

You may soon find it much easier to call your friends liars, indicate that you are sick, or make that shrugging guy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ with your phone, as the organisation that governs emoji has announced 72 new potential pictographs for release this month.

Also included in the full list are:

  • New people, including a pregnant woman and a groom to go with the existing bride
  • New smileys, including a clown and a cowboy hat guy
  • New gestures, including a selfie, fingers crossed and fist bumps
  • New animals, including a gorilla, fox and rhino
  • New food, including kiwi fruit, potato and croissant

See Full set here

It’s important to note that the Unicode Technical Committee is still considering these emoji, and won’t have a definitive list to add to its standard until June 21. Even then, it will be up to the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft to actually design and implement the new images into their software so you can start using them.

The folks over at Emojipedia — which keeps a huge trove of all existing emoji with examples of how they look across different platforms — have already released a mock-up of what the new 72 might look like in Apple’s iPhone style, although its anyone’s guess how they will actually turn out. The one certain thing is that most of them will end up looking completely different depending on where you’re viewing them, with “drooling face” in particular likely to cause some miscommunications (are you saying you’re hungry, or brain dead?)

Facebook is already making efforts to avoid issues like this, making sure its Messenger app for both iOS and Android uses its own consistent version of the standard, with a recent update including stunning, cartoonish versions of all the most popular icons, and even supporting multiple skin tones for the people.

Google meanwhile has appealed directly to the Unicode Consortium to include greater gender diversity in the emoji standard, suggesting last month that icons depicting a profession — like doctor of chef — should be able to be depicted as male or female.


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