IBM Watson guesses What’s in “your Image”

Interested to teach AI system? IBM gives you a chance! IBM’s Watson is a cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer.


IBM announced that its Watson AI is getting image recognition capabilities earlier in the year, but this also lets you feed in your own photos to see what it thinks.

The visual recognition demo lets you give Watson an image URL or upload a photo and it’ll come back in a few seconds with what it thinks it sees. Here are my results of few random pictures.. Few sound amazing while others are creepy.

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You’re also able to train Watson by uploading photos in bulk and classifying them, so it can learn what a certain classification is. You’ll need to upload more than 50 photos so it can reliably learn, but from there it’s able to get better over time.

Upload your own images and Share your results through Comments. Lets’ see how Watson has recognized your pictures !

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