PM Modi Speaks For ‘2 Minutes As Varanasi MP’ – Blunt Speech At BJP Meet


PM Modi questions Uttar Pradesh BJP MPs if govt schemes are reaching people. BJP lawmakers met to discuss strategy for 2017 Uttar Pradesh polls. PM is to launch programme in U.P to highlight budget measures for farmers.

For just two minutes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said to party leaders at a meeting on Monday, he would speak as the BJP lawmaker from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Then, he bluntly asked his fellow MPs some questions, sources said.

How many of the party’s 71 Lok Sabha MPs from UP, of whom he is one, had a list of villages in their constituencies where electricity has reached under his government’s Deendayal Jyotigram scheme, PM Modi asked.
Not one person raised a hand.

PM Modi then asked how many had bothered to download on the phones they were carrying, a mobile app launched by the Prime Minister’s Office last year, which provides comprehensive information on the government’s achievements and initiatives, apart from day to day updates from the PM.
Once again, no hands.

The Prime Minister was speaking at a meeting of BJP lawmakers called to discuss preps for elections in UP next year. Among worries discussed was that the Centre’s policies are not reaching the common man. There was not much time left for the elections and the focus must shift right away to UP, said both Home Minister Rajnath Singh and party chief Amit Shah, who has said that a robust social media strategy will be the cornerstone of the BJP’s Uttar Pradesh campaign.

UP is a must-win election for the BJP, which suffered two big defeats last year in Delhi and Bihar and is not seen among the front runners in at least four of the five states where elections will be held this year. The party hopes to translate its sweep of the state in the national elections of 2014, into a win next year.

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